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2020年よりピアソラのスペシャリスト集団El Cielo2020のチェリストに就任。

Born in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Started playing the cello at the age of 3.

After attending a regular high school, entered Tokyo University of the Arts, Music Department, Department of Instrumental Music. In 2014, completed the master's course at the Liszt Conservatory.

Hungarian Devrecen Dohonani Competition Prize winner. So far, he has performed a concerto with the Toyota Philharmonic Orchestra in Aichi Prefecture, and has worked as an extra in many orchestras in Hungary, including the Concerto Budapest.

Received the 2018 Newcomer Award in the Art Division from the Toyota City Promotion and Cultural Foundation.

2023 debut album "ATSUSHI HASHIMOTO GINASTERA AND PIAZZOLLA" Selected as a special edition in Record Geijutsu.


In 2022, he launched the "unizon" channel on Youtube, and has been showing a wide range of activities, with the number of total views being No. 1 in Japan.​ In 2023, a new two cello unit "Cello Boys" was formed.

In 2020, he became the cellist of El Cielo 2020, a group of Piazzolla specialists.

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